Five Reasons Why Zone Bowling is Better Than Spring

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Spring is not “all that”. There, we said it*. While many people love the changing of the seasons, we kind of wish we could just stay on the couch in our comfiest, fluffiest onesie pyjamas. That’s why we’d like to share our top five reasons why Zone Bowling is way better than spring…

(*Ed’s note: somebody’s being grumpy today, but we let her run with it. P.S. Yay for spring!)

Zone Bowling is pollen free

Plane trees. Fine wafts of yellow wattle dust. Jasmine. If you’ve ever experienced hay fever, we bet you’re already hiding underneath your bed. (You shouldn’t be – all that unswept dust and cat dander lingers, you know…) We can happily say that Zone Bowling is pollen free. So instead of dealing with itchy eyes, a runny nose, rashes and uncontrollable sneezing, come on over for a fun day of bowling with your besties. It’s the perfect way to break out of the iso blues without spending a fortune on tissues!

No swooping magpies

There’s a reason it’s called spring fever: every critter with a heartbeat is flirting and chirping and lurking and trying its best to score first in the game of love. Unfortunately, this includes the magpie, scourge of any innocent person just casually going about their day and happening to stray a centimetre into an area they shouldn’t have approached… Can you imagining taking your new crush out for a picnic and having to deal with an angry bird? Yeah, no – bring your date to Zone Bowling, rather, and share a double-thick milkshake and some fairy-sprinkled mini donuts while celebrating the total absence of magpies. (We do have an Angry Birds arcade game, though…)

The colour never fades

The thing about spring is that it goes from “oooooh, pretty!” to “ooooh, hot /smoke haze /dead flowers” so quickly. We’re just getting used to the first cherry blossoms showing their delicate faces and wham! The wind comes and ruins the display and the entire cherry blossom weekend. If you’re tired of the colour leaching out of your life, we think a shot of fun at Zone Bowling is just what you need. Our state-of-the-art venues are beautiful, clean and Covid-safe, and jam-packed with games and experiences and music and yummy food… It’ll lift your spirits and recharge your energy. Best bit? No wind.

Zone Bowling is a no-pressure zone

Stressing about having a bikini-ready body?* Too lazy to shave your legs? We’re not sure what you’re worried about, because at Zone Bowling, we accept you for exactly who you are: comfortable, happy, ready to have a fun time and make some memories with your friends and loved ones without obsessing about the size of your muscles. Besides, you can just wear pants when you go bowling, no spring-induced wardrobe (or leg hair) panic needed!

(*Top Tip: Wondering if you’ve got a bikini body? If you have a body, and you own a bikini, then yes, you are bikini ready.)

No dogs biting you, just you biting (hot)dogs

Okay, yeah, so nippy dogs aren’t necessarily a spring thing. But we’re making it so, because it seems to be the season when poodles go for our particular type of ankles. Zone Bowling frowns on unnecessary biting (and poodles) on its premises: but we’ll give you a free pass if you’re using your teeth to get to grips with one of our iconic hot dogs* or your choice of crunchy hot fries. Our delicious menu offers loads of options, whether you’re going solo or sharing with your mates.

(*No poodles were harmed in the making of these hot dogs.)

BONUS REASON: Zone Bowling has a severe lack of men in lycra or budgie smugglers. (We can’t guarantee this at our Dee Why venue, though… Sorry.)

So, are you ready to roll on over to Zone Bowling yet? We’re ready and waiting to save you from the spring blues! And if you need some extra enticement, check out our special School Holiday Deals now: our Mega Fun Zone Pass or Mini Fun Zone Pass will add some spring in your step. Find out more by clicking here.

Your safety at Zone Bowling is important to us. Learn about the precautions taken to keep Zone Bowling a place to have fun here.