Fight off the Winter Blues at Zone Bowling


As the temperature drops, all the best parts of winter return. Big fluffy blankets, the fireplace with marshmallows and onesies all day, every day. However, sometimes, winter hibernation can be a trap, and after day two of you and the kids cooped up in the house, you start to get the winter blues, and I don’t mean from the cold. Those days where you get a bit stir crazy or have made yourself a little too isolated from the outside world. Well that’s when the team at ZONE BOWLING would recommend that you…#BOWLITOFF

ZONE BOWLING is the perfect place to shake of the winter blues and get the blood pumping, especially during School Holidays. You start at the entrance, where you are welcomed by the ZONE BOWLING team, energetic and excited to see you. If that energy doesn’t transfer to you and the family, and you are still a bit down, the bowling lanes will seal the deal. Nothing warms up the fun with competition on who the best bowler is, or who can do the best victory dance, all things that anyone in the household can win, even if you are the smallest family member.

Competition turns the best of us hungry! Head over to the café to indulge in the delicious. Hot Dogs, check! Milkshakes, check! Fries, check! Full bellies, check check check. Now time to burn off the calories in the laser arena (at select venues). Dodge, ghost and sneak your way to victory, either against your family members, or team up and take on another family, dad vs dad, mum vs mum, kids vs kids!

Now if you don’t have a smile on your face by this stage, we guarantee the arcades will. Skee ball is the ultimate combination of luck and skill, air hockey will help settle the final score, and a few laps on the virtual racetrack will ensure everyone leaves happy.

So shake off the onesie, fold up the blankets, put out the fire, and head on into ZONE BOWLING to ignite the fire within, with fun, competition and all round, family friendly entertainment.