Beat the heat with ZONE BOWLING


For Aussies, summer means relaxing on the beach, enjoying an ice cold drink  and listening to the sound of surf and seagulls - or at least, that's what it means before summer turned into 5 months of the year. Now you realise that being outside means sunburn and marinating in a puddle of your own sweat. Australia, we love you, but sometimes you're too hot for your own good.

Just last month, for example, the highest temperature in the country was 46.8 degrees in Western Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. That is all kinds of ridiculous. And I mean we get it that WA is usually hot but even Sydney has been marinating in an average of 30+. Often, the number on the thermometer means that we have no choice but to seek the cool embrace of an air conditioned building.

Where can you go that's not the mall or the movies?

School's in and the university kids are sweltering. The walk home and transport is becoming unbearable! No one wants fish and chips on the beach for dinner anymore as we have had months of this weather and we are all craving, hoping and praying for some soup and the bliss of the cold! 

There are plenty of fun things to do indoors, though, right? After you've exhausted your at-home supply of books, video games and movies (we love the Harry Potter films, but if we have to watch Dobby die one more time we may have to join a support group), there's often no choice but to do something fun outside the house. And its that awkward time of the year when the TV shows that we want are still months away (notably talking GOT). 

We're still waiting on our favorite movies to come out! And shopping trips are too hard at the moment with all of the winter gear on display - how can you buy warm clothes now?

Come to ZONE BOWLING for food and fun

At ZONE BOWLING, we put the cool in air conditioned. Instead of spending evenings aimlessly meandering through malls, enjoy a game of bowling with a refreshingly frosty milkshake or a fuzzy, foamy spider on the side. If you're over 18 and you have an ID, you can even cool down with a beer from our bar. Relax in the cool. 

As well as ten pin bowling, arcade games and laser tag, ZONE BOWLING has plenty of delicious summery foods, with certain branches offering fish and chips and beef sliders. The extended summer is definitely not a time to swelter its a time to find the cool. With ZONE BOWLING you have no reason to be sweaty unless of you get too involved with the laser tag!