Be a superhero parent with our school holiday deals


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's you, the superhero parent saving your kids from a boring school holiday with our new deals.

Remember the days when they were wee toddlers, wrapping their fingers around your thumb and gazing up adoringly at you like you're their superhero? 

Now, they're probably nose-deep in some technological device, their fingers tapping away at a screen.

But never fear, because the September School Holidays are around the corner, and with them comes a chance to reclaim your role as the Wonder Woman or Superman in their life. Here at ZONE BOWLING, we have made the holidays a vacay for you as well with our two easy breezy lemon squeezy packages.

The Extraordinary

It doesn't get much more heroic than this. Get two games of Laser Skirmish or bowling, including shoe hire, 10 arcade tokens, $5 game pass as well as a Superdooper holiday meal and Whiz-bang showbag of goodies. You can get all of this value for just AU$29.90 per person - the kids will be happy as can be, and so will your wallet. Whoosh! That's the sound of your superhero cape swishing past your shoulders as you pat yourself on the back. 

So what's in the Superdooper holiday meal? There's a choice of a classic hotdog, chicken nuggets or wrap. These come with small fries and drink, so the kids will be singing "yummy in my tummy" for days to come. This Superdooper combo might just be giving you a run for your money at 'super' hero status...

The Original 

Included in this deal is two games of bowling or Laser Skirmish with shoe hire as part of the price, along with five arcade tokens and a $5 Game Pass. Again, all of this is available at an economical price of AU$19.90 per person.

While there aren't any food or drink components on offer with this particular deal, we will be dishing out many crowd favourites these holidays such as Spiders (ice cream float) and milkshakes. Bonus points if you whip out your best superhero impression as you 'save' the kids from a Spider before you let them drink it! 

To add to all the existing fun, we will be installing a range of brand spanking new arcade machines over the school holidays this Spring. Because of this, the arcade tokens included in both packages will be quite the treat!

So what are you waiting for, Super Parents? Up, up and away and rescue the day!