5 creative ways you can have fun at the beach this summer


One of the best family activities in summer is spending a day at the beach. With a picnic lunch, plenty of sunscreen and a few simple toys like a bucket and spade, you can enjoy hours of fun by the sea.

To really make the most of your day out, here are five creative ways to have fun at the beach. Even the most restless of children won't be bored! 

Host a sandcastle competition

Nothing kick starts a day at the beach like a sandcastle competition. Inspire your kids to be creative by setting them the task of building their best sand sculpture. It doesn't have to be a castle. Why not think outside the box? Mermaids, turtles and dolphins are all fun to build, too.

Play word games in the sand

Grab a large stick and play word games such as 'hangman' and 'noughts and crosses' with your children in the wet sand. They can also write their names or messages for their friends. 

Build a moat

Head down to the beach when the tide is out and build a sandcastle near the water's edge. Carefully construct a moat so that when the tide comes in, it fills up slowly around your castle. Whoever keeps their sandcastle intact for the longest is the winner!

Collect shells

Looking for shells is the perfect way to pass time and can be done in all types of weather. With Christmas just around the corner, why not set your kids to the task of collecting pretty shells to give as gifts to loved ones or turn into jewellery?

Have a mini athletics day

Taking your kids to the beach is a great opportunity to let them burn off some energy. Design a mini athletics course, including simple competitions such as running to the end of the beach and back or practicing long jump. Not only will they have a blast, they'll probably go to sleep without a complaint at the end of the day!