4 ways to deal with bored kids


With the school holidays having just finished, your kids are probably well back into the daily school grind by now.

It'll be especially tough with the weather warming up, and the lure of fantastic weather proving a distraction in the classroom.

It doesn't all have to be a hard slog, however - they still have the evenings and weekends free to have a bit of fun!

If you want to help your kids power through their last term of the school year, here are four great kids activities to help them unwind.

1. Get artsy

What better way to keep your kids occupied than by helping them unleash their creativity?

Pick up a few art supplies - or just find them around the house - and plan some art and craft projects with your kids.

2. Treasure hunt

A well-designed treasure hunt is a great way to keep the kids busy for hours.

Give them a list of items to find around the house and the street, with some hard-to-spot items mixed in as well. You could even make them hunt for their afternoon snacks!

3. Food, glorious food

Cooking something up in the kitchen is a great way to engage the kids and teach them important life skills as well.

Simple holiday recipes such as burgers are easy enough to make with the kids, while a cake bake-off will go down well with practically any child. Just keep their hands out of the batter!

4. Get active

There's nothing like active, physical sports to get your kids' hearts and minds pumping.

If traditional sports such as cricket and rugby aren't their forte, why not take them down to a ZONE BOWLING for a round of team bowling or laser skirmish?

Knocking down pin after pin or casually firing lasers at each other is the perfect way to relieve that school stress!