Why joining a bowling league will make you happier


There is certainly something to be said about participating in team sports. From the highs of a massive win to the lows of being pipped at the post, your teammates always have your back and this rollercoaster of emotions felt among everyone involved.

Although every individual needs to perform their own actions for the good of the team, constant support, cheering and good wishes makes you believe in your own ability and perform to an even higher standard.

Take a ten-pin bowling league for example. While you have to knock the pins down, it can be great to be part of a team environment where the aim is to win (and to have fun, of course!). So, here are three more reasons why joining a bowling league will make you happier.

1) Ride that adrenaline high

You know that feeling when your team gets a strike and you feel that excitement? That's the adrenaline rushing through your veins, a chemical reaction that can change your mood.

According to Healthline, sporting moments can trigger brain chemicals which can make you feel happier and more relaxed. This heightens the emotional connection to your bowling team and ensure you walk out of ZONE BOWLING happier than when you came in!

2) Make new friends

The great Aristotle once said that "man is by nature a social animal". Often we are much happier when interacting with others so why not do this in the company of your new bowling buddies?

If you are tired of doing the same thing every week, then expand your social circles and explore our many bowling leagues. Look forward to after work and the weekends with your new friends and see common interests turn into lifetime friendships.

3) Improve your skills

Like every sport under the sun, it's no fun when you aren't performing to the your personal standard. If you're struggling to tidy up those spares or see one too many gutter balls, it might be time to join a bowling league and learn from the best.

The more time you spend with quality bowlers who can teach you the finer points of getting a strike, the better your performance will become. This will no doubt make you happier about the sport that you care about so dearly.

For more information about joining our bowling leagues, get in touch with the team at ZONE BOWLING today.