4 Ways to Bowl Better | ZONE BOWLING


While most of use love a good game of tenpin bowling as a way to wind down and get a little competitive, everyone could do with some improvement to up their game (unless you happen to be Walter Ray Jr, of course!).

If you're a keen player of bowling league, there are always ways to improve the way you play, increase your scores, and impress your team mates.

Try these tips to hone and polish your skills on the bowling alley:

Work on your form

Paying attention to how your body moves could make a world of difference in improving your aim (and therefore, your score!). Keep your head still while you bowl and look in the direction where you'd like the ball to end up. When you bowl, make sure your hand "follows through" towards the pins - that way, your ball is likely to head there too.

Pick the right ball

Picking the wrong ball can seriously affect your game, so take some time to grab the right one instead of being too hasty. As a general guide, adults bowl well with balls around 14 to 15 lb. However, balls that are too heavy could lack the speed to knock all the pins down, and too light could be more difficult to control. Pick one that feels right for you - and don't be afraid to try it out a few times before you decide to stick with it. 

Keep fit

Being physically fit could give you that extra edge over your competitors, as well as ensuring you're able to keep up with the fast pace of the game. Focus on training your arms, core and legs, and stretch before you step up to the lane to keep limbs supple.

Be gracious

'Improving your game' isn't just about getting those higher scores. Being a gracious and polite team player means you'll improve your game by miles - for yourself, and for everyone else who has to play around you! No one likes a sore loser, so make the effort to keep composed and congratulate your team members' (and rivals') successes - even if things aren't going so well for you.