Think you're a pro at strikes? Try bowling backwards


Getting a strike at the bowling alley is an accomplishment for most bowlers, whether you're a casual player or part of a bowling league. The excitement of knocking down all 10 pins and the cheers from your teammates is infectious - it's easy to see why players get addicted to the thrill of the strike.

However, for Andrew Cowan, bowling a strike is no biggie, and he recently proved he can even do it backwards - 10 times in a row!

This United States bowler recently set a world record for the highest score recorded in a single game of backwards bowling at the Don Carter Lanes bowling alley in Rockford, Illinois, with an impressive score of 280.

That's a score most bowlers would be proud of in a normal game, but Andrew Cowan managed to pull out 10 straight strikes to achieve the impressive score, all while facing away from the lane.

The successful record attempt is caught on film, and shows Cowan using his impressive technique of standing directly backwards to the alley and releasing the ball behind him to knock down the ten pins.

In one part of the game, Andrew leaves a single pin standing, only to knock it down on his next bowl for a single-pin-spare. That's right - he did this backwards, too!

Anyone who has played a game of bowling knows how hard it is to bowl a strike at all, and it's fair to assume anyone's first backwards bowl might be headed for the gutter.

Even if you're still working on your forwards strike, if you're impressed with Andrew's feat, why not head down to your local ZONE BOWLING alley to practice your bowling and fine-tune those skills - who knows, you could be the next record-breaker!