The positives of interoffice bowling leagues


Working a nine-to-five job has become the subject of many cheesy pop ballads over the years, and the fact is it's a reality for the majority of us. Getting your co-workers to bond and actually get to know each other outside of their daily work-related conversations can often be a difficult task. But alas, it does not need to be this way!

Encourage a little friendly competition amongst your workers by creating an interoffice bowling league. Separate the different departments into teams to face off and find out who the champions are, or mix everyone up and pull names out of a hat to really get people out of their comfort ZONE BOWLINGs. These are great incentives for individuals to get to know one another outside the confines of office walls and according to Alexander Kjerulf, a leading expert on happiness at work and founder of Woohoo Inc., having workers build stronger relationships with those around them in social settings can improve work productivity. Activities like bowling create a foundation for teamwork that carries through into the office and helps alleviate mistrust and competitiveness, states Lynn Taylor, a workplace expert, in a Forbes piece.

With special weeknight prices and yummy hot food, bowling is the perfect way to help your workers overcome Monday blues and hump day struggles, or any day of the week that you feel they may need a boost! Bowling leagues are fun and exciting, giving workers something to look forward to every week and a social event that gives them the opportunity to catch up with colleagues in a much more relaxed setting. 

Come up with hilarious team names, handshakes and victory dances, and give workers something to chat about over their sandwiches at lunchtime. This is one activity that will help to revitalise staff and bring them together like never before.