Tenpin Bowling Australia: Automated Awards


Automated Awards

Our friends at Tenpin Bowling Australia have recently announced a number of new updates to help our League and registered TBA members make their bowling experience even more enjoyable. Check out the details below on how TBA’s new benefits and awards system will be easier to access for everyone!

New Membership Benefits from TBA

In partnership with Simpler Technology, TBA is delighted to offer members exciting new benefits – online awards plus a personal bowler’s portal that contains lots of interesting statistics about YOU, the bowler!

Now you can order your own awards?

Have you had difficulty ordering a TBA award in the past either because the process was just too complicated or you simply didn’t have a league delegate to apply for your award?  Thankfully those problems are a thing of the past.   Provided TBA has your current email address and you are a current TBA member in a registered venue, you can claim your award quickly and easily online, and the award will be sent directly to your centre. 

With our new technology, you’ll receive an email from TBA usually within 24 hours to advise and congratulate you on your achievement with an option to redeem your award quickly and simply on your mobile device or PC.  This means no more paperwork!  Awards are an important TBA membership benefit, so the new process means you are recognised for your achievements and given every opportunity to claim easily. 

What is my portal and how does it work?

Simpler Technology’s cloud based software also captures league results of TBA members, displaying a variety of personal statistics in your very own portal via the Tenpin Results website.   

The portal displays an array of information including averages, series, high games and your league results.  It also provides you with a history of the awards you have won, when they were achieved and whether you claimed the award.  PLUS if you bowl in more than one league or even the odd tournament, your portal summarises your league and tournament results. 

The portal also allows you to update your contact details and even pay for your yearly sports registration simply and easily! 

With statistics like strike, spare and open frame percentages coming soon why not log in today and give yourself the edge heading into league next week.

Access your portal today!

What Awards Are Automated?


50 Game (juniors & disability bowlers only), 75 Game (juniors & disability bowlers only), 100 Game (juniors & disability bowlers only)

125 Game, 150 Game, 175 Game, 200 Game, 225 Game, 250 Game, 275 Game

50 Over average, 75 Over average, 100 Over average, 500 Series, 550 Series, 600 Series, 700 Series, 750 Series, 800 Series (4 Games)

Duplicate & Triplicate

What Do I Have To Do?

In order to access these new benefits, we must have your email address.  To update your details simply log into your account at www.tenpinresults.com.au.  If you haven’t logged on before and don’t know your TBA number, simply use our lookup function here to get started.

If you are experiencing any issues watch this short video for some tips by clicking here.
And of course if you have any further questions please contact the awesome team at TBA on [email protected].