Team name ideas for your bowling league


Taking part in a bowling league can lead to some fantastic competition. Rather than constantly wasting your 12 year-old niece and her friends, you are pitted against some of the best, or at least most enthusiastic, bowlers in your region. You get to bond with your teammates, make new friends with your opponents and learn all sorts of neat tricks you didn't know you could do.

But what do you call your team? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Bowled Overs - A fitting name for a newer team who may not get so many points points, but more style points and enthusiasm points. This team is also perfect for a group of individuals who commonly say, "I thought this was golf scoring," when they see their score compared to others.
  • League of Extraordinary Bowlers - Also works as '... Extraordinary Gentlemen', 'Women', and, if appropriate, 'Idiots'. You may have to shorten the name a bit to fit on the scorecard, but you still get to hold your puntastic name in your hearts.
  • Strike Force - The ultimate team name for ex-army members and anyone who thinks they are amazing. This also combines well with our suggested Strike Force costume theme, which we talked about recently.
  • The Pin-up Girls - Are you smoking hot and ready to smize your way to a brighter bowling future? Well, grab that spray tan, slip on those designer bowling shoes and show the lads that bowling isn't just for them.
  • Gobble Gobbles - Rather than explain why you chose the name, simply step up to the foul line and knock down those strikes! When someone gets a turkey (three strikes in a row), you can all stand up and start gobbling! It'll be your thing. An annoying thing, but a thing nonetheless. 

Right, now get out there and join a league with your school friends, work friends or just friend friends!