Jason Belmonte wins Masters title for the second consecutive year


If there's any incentive to join a bowling league at ZONE and sharpen up your competitive skills, it's the fact that you could become the next Jason Belmonte.

Australia's very own, much-loved player, who is the current Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Bowler of the Year, has successfully retained his United States Bowling Congress Masters title - the first time anyone has done so in nearly 50 years.

The Masters event was held at Brunswick Zone Carolier bowling alley in February, as part of the World Tenpin Bowling Association World Bowling Tour. During the event, Belmonte took the title in a competition of 468 players hailing from more than 15 countries. 

Belmonte won $50,000 for his efforts, and beat out fellow player EJ Tackett from Huntington, Ind 221-177 to claim the trophy.

Only two players, Billy Welu and Dick Hoover, have successfully defended their Masters title previously, who took the trophy in 1964 and 1965, and 1956 and 1957, respectively.

What makes Jason Belmonte's win extra special is the fact that you don't need 'textbook-perfect' style to become an impressive, formidable competitor on the bowling alley.

Jason is known for his two-handed bowling style - making him stand out from more traditional one-handed bowlers.

However, this obviously does not stop him from success, and only proves it's what works for him. In fact, during his bowling career, Jason Belmonte has won over $600,000 in prize money and earned nine PBA titles with his quirky style!

If you're keen on bowling and you'd like to be as successful as Jason Belmonte one day, why not head down to a ZONE BOWLING alley near you to get in some practice? Joining a bowling league is a great way to hone your skills on a regular basis, get a taste of competitive (yet friendly!) bowling and get to know others with the same passion.

It doesn't matter your bowling style, either - all that matters is getting those pins down. Who knows, maybe you could be the next United States Bowling Congress Masters winner?