Introduce a friend to league bowling these holidays


So your mate has been visiting ZONE BOWLING Centres for a while. The staff are starting to remember their favourite drinks and they can't remember the last time they hit the gutter.

Safe to say, they absolutely love the game, and they're not too shabby at it, either.

It's time to introduce them to the wonderful world of league bowling, where they can mix and mingle with others who share the same passion, and further develop those budding bowling skills.

First: Teach them what it is

The only reason they haven't already signed up is because they don't really know what bowling leagues are.

Explain that when you join the league, you turn up each week for competition and your lanes are already prepared for you. Plus, you'll get a discounted rate and exclusive access to special offers as part of the Roller Elite program.

You may also need to explain that even those who are still learning and perfecting their skills,are definitely welcome to join. Leagues are not just for top-tier players, but anyone who simply loves the sport and wants to get out and play it regularly and meet people along the way. If by chance they manage to score a perfect 300, they'll make it into ZONE BOWLING's Hall of Fame, which only a handful of players join each month.

Then: Show them how to sign up

There's no rigorous trial system or 20-page questionnaire - just a simple and quick online inquiry form.

From there, the friendly ZONE BOWLING team can work with anyone looking to join to find a league that fits their age, skill level and schedule for the perfect match. It barely takes any time at all, and will get them one step closer to enjoying the sport they love on a more regular basis (and for a more affordable price!).

Finally: Get bowling!

When you friend signs up, they can come in and use the gear available at all ZONE BOWLING Centres, or they're welcome to bring their own.

As soon as he or she gets started, they'll benefit from a truly supportive environment where they can continue perfecting their skills. They'll meet more league members and create new relationships, and will have a fun event to look forward to each week, no matter how stressful work gets!

And the best part? You get a ton of glory knowing that you're the one who introduced them to it all. In fact, they might just owe you a drink during your next match.