The dream game!


Do you dream of bowling that perfect game? For many bowlers it’s a dream they hold on to and is the main reason why so many spend many hours trying to see the pins flaying to the sides, ball after ball! Your team mates edging you on as you smash it out frame after frame.  Well one of our league bowlers, Michael Matthey recently got to feel this sensation at ZONE BOWLING Robina whilst bowling in the Robina Doubles league earlier this month! Now this was no ordinary perfect game, not only did he get to feel the rush of adrenaline once but he managed to back it up with a second. This is a momentous experience bowling a back to back 300 games has only occurred 15 times in Australian Bowling history.

Matthey is now the sixteenth Australian to make the glorified “back to back 300 games” list in the thirteen years since the record has been running. Previous to him it was Tony Hamilton back in Caboolture Queensland and it was all the way back in 2003 when the list first began with Derek Adams Nerang Queensland. We’re not too sure what is going on, up in Queensland but one thing we’re sure is they are kicking goals with half of the list located within the state.

Matthey is no stranger to bowling 300 games with 8 under his belt already and now his first back to back! This year he has actually been on a break from league bowling whilst he is working hard towards purchasing his own home and has a baby on the way. Matthey was asked if he could sub into the league that night to help out a friend who was unable to play. Little did he know was he was about to hit the record books as the sixteenth Australian to bowl a back to back game.

We asked Matthey how he felt after bowling the first 300 and was on his way towards the potential second and in true league bowler spirit he calmly responded with “I just focused on one shot at a time”.

Matthey plans to celebrate his bowling achievement at his upcoming house warming party! Nice work Matthey we love to hear about how our league bowlers are hitting their league achievements. Make sure you email us with any stories about your league achievements and goals!