Bowler fact file: Jason Belmonte



Name: Jason "Belmo" Belmonte​
​Location: NSW, Australia
Age: 30 (29/07/83)
​Preference: Right handed
Ball weight: 15lbs

Shortly after professional bowler Jason Belmonte was born, his parents built a bowling centre and from the tender age of 18 months, he could be found practising his now famous two-handed bowling technique as he struggled to lift and throw a 10lbs bowling ball. 

Belmonte has received many titles since his involvement in competitive bowling at age 16. Making his way through the Under 18s, Under 23s and Adult Men's team, Belmonte consistently won gold, silver and bronze placements. According to the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), he was named Rookie of the Year for the PBA Tournament in 2008-09, finished as a top qualifier the following year, and gained three additional PBA titles between 2011-2012. He had another brilliant year during the 2012-2013 season, clocking up earnings of almost $190,000 for the one year as well as earning the prestigious title of Player of the Year for the first time.

This year is again proving to be a successful year for Belmo, as he has already won his first PBA tournament of the season as well as championing the USBC Masters for the second time in his career after beating reigning Rookie of the Year EJ Tackett.

Belmo also got involved in an exciting project with Google Glass this year, wearing the special glasses during a bowling game - an opportunity for fans to experience "Belmo-vision" and see things from his perspective during a bowling game. 

If his progress over previous years is anything to go by, Belmo is on an impressive streak. The future certainly looks bright for this New South Wales success story!