Australian Junior Championships


ZONE BOWLING Frankston are happy to announce that they will be hosting the 2018 Australian Junior Championships. This event will run from the Wednesday 18 of April until Saturday 28 April. Bowlers from every state and territory will compete across a number of different individual and team events over a two-week period.

This event is an opportunity for bowlers of all ability to compete with a range of graded sections including singles, doubles and team events. Highlights will be the popular Royal Rumble event and the Bumper Challenge!

Tenpin Bowling Australia also highlights the importance of the Junior Nationals as a catalyst for the sports future.

An important part of TBA’s role as the national governing body for the sport is its responsibility for the development and education of young athletes.  TBA works closely with, and is strongly supported by the Australian Sports Commission in every aspect of its role to regulate, develop and promote the sport of tenpin bowling in Australia.”

Read more on the Tenpin Bowling Australia website on how you can get involved and submit your entry into the 2018 Australian Junior Championship!