4 reasons you should join a bowling league


Bowling is definitely one of the most fun family activities, but admit it - there comes a point when watching your little sister continuously throw her ball into the gutter becomes exasperating.

If you'd like to bowl on a regular basis while adding a bit of structure and fun competition into the mix, joining a bowling league is the best way to go.

What are some of the benefits of playing in a league?

1. Open to all

Everyone knows that bowling is one of the easiest, most inclusive sports out there, and it doesn't get any different when you join a league.

Bowling leagues are open to people of all ages and ability. It doesn't matter if you've never gotten a single strike before in your life - many leagues have a handicap system to ensure players of different abilities can compete fairly.

2. Hone your skills

There's a belief in sports that to become the best, you've got to play with the best.

By competing in a league with players of all ability, you can pick up some pro tips and tricks along the way. In addition, you can also pass on your advice to bowlers who are not as skilled as you.

As you play and compete on a regular basis, you're bound to see your bowling skills pick up along the way.

3. Make new friends

Are you tired of your current group of friends? Even worse, you don't have any at all?

A bowling league is a great place to meet people of similar age and interests to you. Who knows, you might forge new friendships that will last a lifetime!

4. Special member benefits

Many bowling centres offer exclusive benefits to their bowling league members, such as discounted rates for recreational play and deals at the pro shop.

Are you ready to explore the thrill of league bowling? Head to an ZONE BOWLING today and ask about how you can join!