30 years on and still going strong!


There is a massive party hitting ZONE BOWLING Rooty Hill this month with the Halinda bowling league. For many years the league has been travelling all around Sydney to meet for their regular league meeting but this week is going to be even more special. This coming Sunday the 29th of May they are celebrating the league’s 30th anniversary.

The Halinda disabled bowling league first begun around 1986 at ZONE BOWLING Mt-Druitt when a group of school students from Mt Druitt High School decided to join a bowling league for sport. They have competed in the league every Saturday building with it many friendships and plenty of good times and over the many years the league has grown exponentially.

It’s not every day that a league hits 30 years so League President Margaret Williams is putting together a celebratory event for all bowlers past and present to help celebrate the 30-year milestone. We caught up with Margaret to talk about this event and asked her what to expect on the day and she said “Lots of happy smiling faces enjoying bowling, food and catching up with old friends”. Williams has worked with the league for over 14 years now. “When I started there were eight teams of three, now we have 22 teams of five – it has just grown so much,” she said.

So if you are in the area and available this coming Sunday you should come and enjoy this 30-year anniversary with us here at ZONE BOWLING Rooty Hill. The music will be UP with plenty of Prizes to be won, a hot food platter on each lane & a lot of FUN to be had by EVERYONE!!!! Booking are essential so hurry in now, any enquires please contact Margret or one of the ZONE BOWLING Rooty Hill team members!