3 reasons why you should join a bowling league at ZONE BOWLING


If you've been considering getting involved in a new sport, perhaps an ZONE BOWLING bowling league could be the perfect choice for you! You get to use some excellent facilities while brushing up on your skills - all whilst being surrounded by a group of fun and active people.

Still need convincing? Here are three brilliant reasons why you should sign up to an ZONE BOWLING league today.

1. It's great exercise

According to Tenpin Bowling Australia, a good game of tenpin can engage almost every muscle in your body, burning up to 5.45 calories each minute. They also state that playing three rounds of bowling is equal to a walk of about 1.6 km - and we know which one we'd rather be doing! Due to bowling being a weight-bearing sport, your entire body will be worked out as you lift your ball from the return to the alley, sending it powering down towards the pins.

2. You can meet new people

Tenpin bowling attracts a varied crowd of different ages, skills and backgrounds, so you can be sure to meet a whole bunch of new and friendly faces once you're signed up to a bowling league. By heading down to your local ZONE BOWLING each week, you'll soon get to know one another, and it'll becomes a great social occasion - not just an enjoyable sport.

3. It's a lot of fun

We're sure you already know that bowling is an exciting game that can get your heart racing - so why not incorporate it into your life a little more than the occasional game? Challenge yourself, improve your skills and compete against other teams that share your level of expertise. ZONE BOWLING Alleys will support you and help you to reach your goals, whilst having a ball of a time!