Work team building with Laser Skirmish


Thinking about places to host your next work party? Well, why not turn the extravaganza into a fun team building exercise - it's a win win! 

Not only is Laser Skirmish an excellent physical activity, helping companies to promote a healthy ethos, it is also a great way to refine teamwork and build trust between colleagues. Staff get a chance to exercise some leadership skills and work collaboratively to develop tactics and strategies to win against the opposing team.

There are many ways to approach Laser Skirmish as a company. One idea is for the various departments to compete against each other in the arena. This way, they can rely on the hard yards they perform together in the office and extend them into a fun, playful environment.

Winning can boost their morale and help enhance employee engagement when they return to work on Monday. These team members, usually sitting side by side at desks and work stations, can draw on their team experiences in the Laser Skirmish mazes and obstacles for inspiration when it comes to tackling any business related issues that might arise.

An alternative idea is to encourage company-wide teamwork. Rather than using existing departmental structures, mix up all the staff so that they get to race down the Laser Skirmish corridors with people they don't usually engage with. The fast-paced and fun environment will have people laughing and clapping each other on the back in no time. 

This second option is like an ice breaker between different departments. If businesses have succession planning on their minds, a practical idea would be to draft teams of both junior and senior staff members. Training for improving skills is all well and good in the office, but strong relationship building is just as crucial. 

In addition to all the business benefits, perhaps the most glaringly obvious perk is that conversations around the office water cooler no longer have to be dull and drab, but instead allow staff to reminisce on epic chases, laser tags, sprints and victorious ninja-like moves.