Three Date Night Ideas To Set the Mood This Winter


Finding the perfect idea for a winter first date isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need somewhere that’s not only fun and lighthearted but also a place where conversation flows easily. Plus, it helps if there’s tasty food and a huge range of activities to keep both hunger and boredom at bay. 

So, where does this date night unicorn exist? Zone Bowling, of course! Whether you’re meeting somewhere for the first time or celebrating a multi-year anniversary as a couple, these three fun date night ideas will help make your romantic evening a rousing success this winter.

1. Couples Laser Tag

Laser Tag is one idea to guarantee an unforgettable first date. Whether you play off against each other or gather an army by recruiting other couples to join in an ultimate battle, you’re bound to have incredible fun darting around the Arena and ambushing each other. This date night idea for couples will not only be a joyous adventure, but it’ll also release great endorphins from the laughter and exercise.

Don’t think you have to wait until the weekend arrives for a Laser Tag date night. As long as your nearest Zone Bowling features a Laser Tag Arena, you can head down any weeknight to battle it out. 

You can really get into the spirit with camouflage clothes and streaks of face paint on your cheeks. There's nothing sweeter than being dorks together! 

2. Late-night Bowling

Lighting up the bowling alley is the perfect way to spend date night, with Zone Bowling’s Bes-X lanes adding another dimension to your experience. As we turn up the tunes and get the party going, you’ll have plenty of chances to battle it out over lighthearted competition while getting to know each other as you take turns sending down strikes.

Rather than heading out for a formal sit-down meal, getting your competitive juices flowing while feasting on some delicious Food and Drink ensures everyone feels at ease. Plus, if an awkward silence pops up, it’s most likely someone’s turn to have their shot at the pins. Try late-night bowling for your first date to discover whether you’re a solid match.

3. After-Dark Arcade Fun

Got a shared love of video games? Zone Bowling’s venues feature sprawling Arcades that take you back to the best of retro gaming. But it’s not just about living in the past — we’ve got the latest and greatest Arcade Machines that make this date night idea one to remember. So hunt down your favourite games to see whose skills reign supreme. 

For instance, you might jump on Daytona – everyone’s favourite racing game – to see who’s got the fastest lap in them. You might even decide to impress your date by hopping on Dance Battle, where you can showcase your fast feet and cool moves. Consider checking out your nearest Timezone Entertainment Centre for even more date night fun.

Take Date Night to the Next Level!

Whether it’s your first date or the fiftieth, you don’t have to overcomplicate things. Simply getting in the bowling alley or arcade ensures you have endless opportunities to get to know each other this winter. Stop looking for other date night ideas, and plan a visit to Zone Bowling today! With over 30 Zone Bowling venues across Australia — even in Liverpool, Penrith, Rockingham, and Frankston — we’ve got your date night fully covered.