Which Laser Tag Warrior are you?


Are you a Laser Tag veteran who knows his way around a Laser Arena like the back of his hand? See if you or someone you know relates to one of these Warriors!

Thanks to some major advancements in technology throughout ZONE BOWLING venues many of you may or may have not experienced the wonder that is Laser Tag. Laser Tag is not only a fun battle between you and friends, but a way to test your skills and truly develop yourself into a well-rounded warrior.

From time to time you may find yourself so deep in the action that your characteristics go from causal competition to all-out war and at this point you may find yourself thinking that you fit perfectly as one of ZONE BOWLING’s Laser Tag Warriors.

So grab an ZONE BOWLING Laser Action Pack, which includes 2 games of Laser and 10 Arcade tokens to satisfy your action packed appetite. But be quick because this deal will only last until the 28th of March 2018!  

Check them out below:

The Beast Mode Marauder

The minute you step into the arena you see red and you don’t stop until all your enemies are finished.


The Terrified

Unfortunately, the darkness, loud noises and frantic pace are just not your cup of tea, perhaps some relaxed pool after you escape the arena.


The Sniper

You’re a dead eye when it comes to everything and the only person in your friend group that can read billboards kilometres away.


The Ninja

Elusiveness is your got to attribute for scoring points in the arena and you somehow have a bad habit of smoke bombing at social events.


The Ned Kelly

Let’s be honest you are a bit of a cheater, covering all of your targets, but you’re not really breaking any rules…


The Gangsta

Is being too cool for school still a thing? Or do you just think that Laser Tag is for kids…


The Damsel in Distress

Use your charm to lull your opponents into a false sense of security, then when they let their guard down…BAM!


The Cowboy

Your reflexes are second to none and once you’re done taking out the match you will be in the arcade setting high scores on the Time Crisis machine.