Strategies to Win Laser Tag | ZONE BOWLING


Unless you're a storm trooper, there's no reason why you can't win at laser tag. This fast and furious game is all about being a ninja, running around hitting targets - all without being seen or hit yourself.

You're welcome to run in and make it up as you go, but if you're looking for a few strategies to help improve your chances of success, take a look at these ideas and see if they help you out during your next grudge match at ZONE BOWLING's laser arenas.

Find places that protect your back

Each laser tag arena is filled with handy corners and walls where you can hide out. You'll need these spaces to protect your back as you scope out the area, try to strike out your opponents, and move your way around.

At all times, aim to keep the backpack area facing a wall, as this makes it almost impossible for anyone to sneak up and catch you from behind!

Wear black - or at least not white

You'll never see a ninja wearing white or other bright colours, as this just makes them more visible to the eye. Instead, opt for darker colours so that you can more effectively remain hidden in the shadows.

Of course, your gun and gear will have lights that make you more obvious, but you can minimise how much of you is visible by sticking to dark shades. And while we're on the topic of what you wear, make sure you've got comfortable shoes on so that you can move about quickly.

Never stand still

Even if you're out in the open and wearing fluoro, your enemies are still going to have to work hard if you're moving around - ducking, dodging and side stepping to get out of their line of sight.

Whether you can see your opponents or not, keep those feet on the move to avoid extra hits.

Stick with a buddy

If you're there with friends or family, buddy up and work together. You can move around with each other and watch all directions so that you don't have anyone sneaking up on you, and you can use your double fire power to overwhelm any enemies you come across.

Just keep firing

And if all else fails - just keep firing! It's surprising how often you'll miss a shot because you're too busy moving to a new position or checking corners for opponents, so simply keep that finger on the trigger. You're bound to hit something!