This is why you should play laser skirmish


You and your comrades move quickly into the sprawling urban maze, keeping low and quiet. You know the drill - you've done this dance a thousand times. You set up a defensive position in a high vantage point, peering into the fog-smothered darkness for any sign of movement. Music is pumping across the air almost as loud as your heart is in your head, making the whole experience just a little more 80s. Then you see it - a light in the distance. No, two lights. Three. Four. 

They're coming.

You cry out to your teammates to take cover, but one of them is already down. In an instant lasers are pouring in through the windows, the distant battle cries of your foes rallying behind. You change your phaser to its narrow laser pattern and poke out from cover, squeezing the trigger. One of your opponents drops and has to retreat, but his teammates are still coming. They're beginning to flank - you need to move. 

You dive out from cover, hastily sprinting towards the next wall. If you can out manoeuvre them, maybe you can survive. Above, a gun emplacement opens up, reigning devastation down upon your ranks. Someone tries to return fire, but its shields are up and there's nothing you can do to help. The only way to win this thing is to get to the enemy base and destroy their station.

You switch your phaser back over to wide angle and begin your advance, firing a powerful scatter laser into the distance. Two of your foes go down at once, cursing your name as they deactivate. With your head ducked down you plough through the swirling fog and step on something - something you're all too familiar with. You look down, but it's already too late. You stepped on a land mine.

Does this sound like fun? Get your friends together and come to one of ZONE BOWLING's M9 Laser Skirmish arenas! They're great for kids parties, work functions or - well - any occasion!