Thinking about playing Laser Skirmish?


Are you thinking about having a few games of Laser Skirmish with your friends these holidays?

Of course you are! Who isn't (except the people who aren't)? 

Here at ZONE BOWLING, we can think of a few reasons you should consider playing Laser Skirmish. Want to know a few of them? Here you go:

After the sun sets

When the sun goes down, monsters come out to play.

By monsters we mean people.

And by people we mean people playing Laser Skirmish at night.

On Fridays and Saturdays after 9 p.m. you and your mates can head along to your local ZONE BOWLING centre to grab some laser weapons and attempt to out-gun each other in glorious combat. Our After Dark special is only $10 per person and gets you two games!

Like a buffet ... of lasery death

If all-you-can-eat buffets were all-you-can-shoot buffets, Laser Skirmish would be exactly like a buffet. 

Imagine yourself running through the darkness and chaos, screaming the names of your comrades, hoping to find them amongst the mist and lasers. What you don't realise is that they have already fallen, and you're the last one standing at the enemy gates. 

You decide to charge in, guns blazing, ready to take down any sucker who stands between you and your objective. However, before you get a chance to do the deed, time ends - and so too does your game of Laser Skirmish.

Not to worry though, because you were clever enough to purchase our All You Can Play Laser deal for only $14 per person. You can grab the deal Monday to Thursday after 7 p.m., which lets you get straight back into the action after your horrible defeat (or glorious victory, depending how it goes). 

Sound like a fun night out? Book your laser games online and pop along to ZONE BOWLING to see for yourself.