Team tactics for Laser Skirmish: Military hand signals


The best way to win at Laser Skirmish is to prep some clever tactics and strategies as a team. Each of you can unleash your inner soldier with these fun hand signals.

Most of these are legitimate military signals used worldwide. However, to rev up the fun to another level we've invented some laser signals, too. 

So, without further ado, let's stand to attention and turn the game into an epic battleground with some fun arm movements!

Hurry up

Turn your left hand into a fist and aim it at the roof, then pump your fist up and down. 


Hold up a fist in front of your face while making eye contact with the team-mate you are warning to stop.


Place your hands around your throat. This will be useful if one of your team mates is being held captive by your opponents to try and lure you out for a rescue laser mission.


Create a 'looking through a telescope' shape with your hands by joining your thumb and fingers like a circle. Put your hand in front of your eye. This is ideal if you see a sniper with a laser gun somewhere up higher than the rest of the team, as our Laser Skirmish arena is full of fun obstacles and mazes.

Rally point 

Point your finger in the air and rotate it around three times. 

Wedge formation 

This works best when your team-mates are behind you. Turn your hand into a fist and place it behind your lower back, then swing it side to side.

Luring laser 

Ask one of your team-mates, who is a fast runner, to hide behind one of the obstacles. Lure an opponent close to you by pointing your laser at the ground, and draw circles with the light.

As they come to investigate, your team-mate tags them and races off - or commando crawls away, if they want to avoid being hit in the back! 

Laser strike 

This uses a combination with the wedge formation. Make a wedge with your team, and launch an offensive attack with all of you charging through enemy territory and laser every person in sight!

We salute you, soldiers!