Star Wars The Laser Strikes Back


A long time ago in a bowling alley far, far away (alright, it was actually very conveniently located) there was a laser arena. This arena was the site of many battles to determine the fate of the galaxy, the Jedi order and, er, the person who would have to buy drinks after the laser tag game.

Yes, it's finally here. Star Wars: the Force Awakens opens this week and with it comes a flurry of excitement. Whether you're a seasoned Jedi reliving the nostalgia or a wide-eyed, youthful padawan, you'll be looking for a way to celebrate this occasion. This said, once you've had your Star Wars movie marathon (prequels or no prequels? That is the question), don't be surprised if you catch yourself dreaming of high-octane laser fights in a space ship. 

If you're wanting to live out your intergalactic rebel warrior fantasies, there's a good chance you're looking in Alderaan places. While we can't promise outer space (yet), Obi-wannabes will find their spiritual homes at ZONE BOWLING, where they can enjoy an epic game of laser tag, just like in the movies.

Laser Wars 

Star Wars and laser tag actually go way back. The inventor of the game, George Carter III, got the idea as he was watching Star Wars at the cinema. Carter felt that the shooter scenes were so epic and thrilling that people would definitely want to experience them in real life and so, laser tag was born.

So there you go. Laser tag is the closest any of us will get to a battle against the Empire in real life. Gather a group of friends, split yourselves into rebels and Stormtroopers and get ready to zap each other out of your way in the arena. 

But why stop there? Star Wars fans are renowned for their commitment and dedication, so take full advantage of the situation and dress up, whether that involves draping yourselves in the flowing tan robes of a Jedi or dressing in the pristine white uniform of a Stormtrooper. If you're feeling particularly renegade, feel free to go rogue by donning the beat up armour of the infamous bounty hunter, Jango Fett, or his son, Boba. How much cooler can laser tag get?

After the game let Qui-Gons be Qui-Gons, and relax with some food such as our delicious Tri Tatoes, at the snack bar (it's a trap!). You can also enjoy a refreshing beverage - unlike imperial troopers, our bartenders are good at making shots!