Quality father/son bonding ideas at ZONE BOWLING


He's your little boy, but he's growing up so fast - sound familiar? It's time for some classic ​mano a mano fun on the bowling lanes or Laser Skirmish arena. It's authentic fun, a great time to smash out strikes and enjoy manly fist bumps or high fives in celebration. 

Here are our top ideas for father/son things to do at an ZONE BOWLING Centre near you. 

Bowling lane challenge 

A little competition during family activities never hurts. Take a lane each and set up a mini contest to see who can get the best score (it's okay to be a dad and throw your game just a little so your son can win every now and then!). To make things even more enjoyable, make a secret handshake or winning dance move that just the two of you know - doing this at every epic strike is a great way to connect. 

Teaching life lessons 

Now, if your son is a wee tot, there's always the option of adding on bumpers to the lanes so you can teach him how to bowl - because let's be honest, teaching the kids to ride a bike and watching them roll away is so cliche. Have that epic life memory right here on the bowling lanes, watching his face light up as the ball makes those pins fall down and the screens dazzle with the score. 

Mission impossible Laser Skirmish 

Dun, dun, darra dun dun - do do doooo. Don't pretend that iconic theme song didn't run through your mind. There's no better way to pretend your both superb, macho spies on a mission than to sprint, roll and aim the laser guns at Laser Skirmish. Be on the same team and invite two other blokes along, or mix things up by playing against each other - either way, the father-son bonding is a sure shot. 

"Frequent father-child outings do wonders for father bonding," wrote Dr William Sears for Parenting, an e-magazine. 

Make the most of these special years before life passes you by - book a game day at ZONE BOWLING online!