How to win at Laser Skirmish


Competing in a game of Laser Skirmish at your kid's party, on the school holidays or just because you love it and turned up in your free time, is a rewarding and fun experience. 

What makes it more rewarding and fun, however, is winning. Here at ZONE BOWLING, we love seeing people win at Laser Skirmish, and rub it in the faces of that one arrogant opponent who thought he'd do awesome, but then didn't.

So without further ado, here are some strategies for kicking butt in our M9 arenas.

Know where to aim

When you begin a game of Laser Skirmish, you're handed a vest and phaser gun, each with glowing lights in them. When it comes to crunch time, these glowing lights are the X that marks the proverbial spot.

There are sensor ZONE BOWLINGs on your chest and back, as well as shoulders and phaser gun. If you aim at someone's head, arms or legs, you won't get points and you may give yourself away. Aim for the flashy lights!

Tread carefully

Rushing around corners could well get you shot. Don't forget - there are no sensor ZONE BOWLINGs on your head. In addition, our battlegrounds are kept pretty dark, to bring a more intense atmosphere to the field and to allow people the chance to hide. 

Before you go around a corner you suspect enemies may be behind, pop your head out and see who's there. They can't get you if they don't see your shoulders!

Team up

You have teammates - so use them.

Being a lone wolf is great if you're Rambo, but if you're not, your team could be a valuable asset. If you stick with at least one or two others, you will have a greater chance of outnumbering your opponent(s) and taking them down. If they shoot back, there are also more people in the way before you yourself get taken out.