How to find love in Laser Skirmish


We know you're a master of suave, a champion of cool and a pillar of charm. That's why you love great pick-up lines, right? 

You don't need to be in a pumping night club to find true love (or at least temporary true love), and that's where the classic pick-up line comes in. To be a true master of allure in a ZONE BOWLING centre, you'll need more than just our bowling-themed lines. What if you end up in the Laser Skirmish arena?

Laser Skirmish pick-up lines

Whether you're at an exciting corporate party taking advantage of the fun laser guns can offer, or you're just there with your friends, it's time you turned your swagger up to 11 with some of these grandiose statements of intent. 

  1. My team is red, yours is green. My place is close by, if you think you're keen.
  2. My team is green, yours is red. Let's head back to mine and I'll show you my... outdoor patio area.
  3. Shoot me in the eyes, quick! ("Why?" she replies.) I must need laser surgery, it looks like I'm staring at an angel.
  4. After this, how about you and I go skirmish some place private?
  5. I love playing in the dark, don't you?

Of course, if you want to take the next step you could try setting up these situations as well:

The hero

Stay close to the person you are trying to woo, then dive in front of them as you encounter the enemy. After you've sacrificed your life for theirs, who couldn't fall in love?

The already-dating

If you're already dating someone, or at least sort-of dating (gosh romance can be complicated sometimes), you could encourage a little wild laser fun by purchasing your newfound love a ZONE BOWLING gift card. These can be used for not only Laser Skirmish, but bowling, arcade tokens and food too! Basically, the perfect date.