How to Dominate Laser Tag | ZONE BOWLING


Although played with the safety of harmless laser beams, laser skirmish provides a level of drama, adrenaline and heart-stopping action similar to real-life combat.

Just as the greatest warlords over the years vanquished their foes through the use of smart battle strategies, you too can lead your troops to victory by following some of the top laser tag tactics.

So next time you're skirmishing away at ZONE for a birthday or work party, keep these battle tips in mind:

Darkness is your ally

It's simple - the less visible you are, the less likely you are to be hit.

Become at one with the dark surrounds of the battlefield by wearing dark clothes to conceal yourself as much as possible. Fitting out your entire team in black can strike fear into your opponents' hearts even before a gun is picked up!

Work in pairs

Two heads are better than one, and your team may find it useful to split off and work in pairs.

Not only can you keep each other covered from all angles, but it can be easier to surround and ambush an opponent when there are two of you.

Spread out

That said, don't fall into the trap of moving around as one big unit.

The infrared beams from laser guns spread out as they travel, making it easier to hit groups of targets standing together. Look for the right balance between teamwork and agility.

Keep moving

There's no easier target that one that is standing still - keeping yourself mobile and move around constantly to avoid being gunned down by any opportunistic enemies.

Are you ready to show your prowess on the laser tag battleground? Bring your mates along to a ZONE BOWLING to slug it out!