Do you recognise these 4 Laser Skirmish players?


Whether it's a weekend afternoon shooting at mates, a fun activity for a children's birthday party or a chance to fire some shots at your boss on a work party, nothing beats unleashing your inner Schwarzenegger in a game of Laser Skirmish.

Running around in the dark, pretending you're fighting to save the human race in some sci-fi futuristic world. All that stands between you and the glory of saving the world is ... well, everyone else who's playing. But still, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

From all out bravery to sly and cunning, we've seen a lot of Laser Skirmish strategies in our time. How many of your friends do you recognise amongst these typical players?

The wannabe hero

We all know this guy. He spends the whole build up telling you how he's gonna 'rip everyone up in there' and then runs around roaring like like he's the son of Rocky Balboa and Xena Warrior Princess. He might shoot a lot of people, but probably ends up getting shot twice as much. If this were war he'd be the first to fall.

The sly fox

This cunning player spends most of the game hiding away in some corner, fires only a handful of shots that somehow end up connecting and comes out boasting of a 100 per cent record. Well done buddy, the only reason no-one shot you was because you were too scared to come out to play.

The master of espionage

Some people would call this player a turncoat, but in reality he or she just understands that Laser Skirmish is all about self-preservation. Wheeling and dealing is their modus operandi, giving up the location of allies in return for not getting shot. Watch your back when when dealing with this spy, their only loyalty is to their laser gun.

The master tactician

There's one in every group, and you make every effort to get on their team. They know exactly where all the good ambush spots are and have the strategic thinking to create the perfect battle plan. Hours watching action movies and playing video games have made them the ultimate Laser Skirmish player. We pity you if you end up facing off against them.

What other typical Laser Skirmish players have we left out?