Can't decide between bowling and Laser Skirmish?


It's the age-old dilemma - you're heading out to your local ZONE BOWLING centre for the evening with a gang of mates, or maybe it's a work party, and the heated debate starts raging: bowling or Laser Skirmish?

Now, if you ask us, there's an easy solution to this incessant problem - play both! Seriously, with our Sunset Unlimited Deal you can enjoy a midweek game of bowling for only $19.99 per person and add on a game of Laser Skirmish for just $5.

But for whatever reason, if you're stuck in an either/or situation, how do you go about choosing which to play?

The argument for bowling

If you're all about unashamed, unadulterated, totally selfish glory bowling is your only choice. It's every man for himself on the alley - there's no hiding behind a brave leader or basking in other people's glory. You live and die by your own game.

So if you think you can reign supreme and want to lord your victory over your mates or colleagues - go for bowling.

There is a downside, of course: there can only be one winner. If that's not you, then you've got to suffer as the actual winner proclaims their might and glory.

The argument for Laser Skirmish

But some people aren't interested in personal glory. For them it's all about the camaraderie and togetherness that comes with being a unified team.

When one wins - everyone wins. When one falls - everyone falls.

If that's you the Laser Skirmish is the obvious choice. Everyone has their individual role to play in securing victory and you know you can rely on your brothers in arms when you're backed into a corner.

Again, there's a drawback: every team has a weak link, the player who contributes virtually nothing to the cause but is more than happy to enjoy the spoils of victory - how will you feel seeing someone else receive credit for your work?

Now that we've laid out both sides of the argument, which are you going to choose on your next visit?