Awesome sci-fi movies to inspire your next Laser Skirmish game


Imagine yourself wearing glowing armour, chasing your foes around a dark battlefield, mist at your feet and lasers darting above your head at the speed of light. The Laser Skirmish fields located around many of our ZONE BOWLING Centres offer this exciting experience as one of our fun school holiday activities for kids both young and old. 

After you have the dates you want to visit locked in by booking online in advance, make sure to watch some of these fantastic science fiction movies to prepare you for battle.

Tron: Legacy (2010)

Few movies in science fiction history showcase light-up body armour quite like Tron - particularly the modern sequel. In this iteration of the classic video game-inspired film, the son of Jeff Bridges from the original must travel into the digital world to find and save him. 

Though the film received mixed reviews, if you're looking for something visually awesome to get you ready for Laser Skirmish, you can't go wrong with Tron: Legacy.

Star Wars (any year)

Whether you're a fan of Stormtroopers or Clone troopers, there is likely a laser-battling action sequence from a Star Wars film that will get your heart pumping before your ZONE BOWLING kids party (or work party, if you're all big kids). 

From the classic scenes of Luke Skywalker and his friends shooting their way out of the Death Star to the large-scale epics of the modern trilogy, not many people we know can watch a Star Wars film prior to a Laser Skirmish game and not try to recreate the films in our battlegrounds - at least in their own minds.

With the first new Star Wars film since 2005 coming out in December 2015, perhaps it's time you caught up on the series? 

Special mention

Before we go, we'd love to give the 1980s sci-fi extravaganza Flash Gordon a mention in this list, if only for Brian Blessed's performance as Prince Vultan. If you want to watch a somewhat campy classic, get yourself a copy of this film.