5 ways to energise yourself before Laser Skirmish


It's an action-packed game that requires speed and agility for the most victorious results - so acing the arena in Laser Skirmish requires some energy. Luckily, there are several healthy ways to rev up your energy tank before you even set foot in one of our many ZONE BOWLING centres

Eat a banana just before the game

These yellow wonders are renowned for charging the body with a jolt of energy. Many runners and athletes gobble one down just before they tack off along the track, so eating one of these just before you step into the Laser Skirmish mazes and corridors could help your sprint around better. 

Yawn five times

Medical experts agree that purposely yawning is an excellent way to boost energy. Since yawing is the body's natural way of sending oxygen to the brain, it essentially wakes it up. Being alert and switched on in Laser Skirmish will be a huge advantage.

Look at something red

According to research by the University of Rochester, seeing anything in the colour red or in tones of scarlet improves human reaction time. Their study found reflexes are quicker and more forceful after seeing this colour, so gather everything red in sight and have a field day looking at it all. You can also seek out red items around the ZONE BOWLING centre before you start playing Laser Skirmish! 

Eat carrots for improved eyesight 

These delicious orange vegetables have high amounts of beta-carotene, which is a type of vitamin A that does a whole bunch of good things for your eyesight. It helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function better, which will be a huge asset when you are watching for opponents and looking in the distance for your targets in the Laser Skirmish fields. 

Do 5 star jumps

This cardiovascular exercise will get the heart rate pumping and the blood flowing. Doing this is an excellent way to launch into fun family activities like Laser Skirmish!