4 reasons to love laser skirmish


You may know your local ZONE BOWLING alley as a great place to have a go at knocking down some pins and getting that elusive strike, but you may not realise we have another action-packed experience to offer - laser skirmish!

The game involves players armed with laser 'weapons' and vests making their way through a 'battleground' to try to tag opponents and obtain the highest score. It's a game of strategy and competition, and you can't help but have fun when playing.

Here are four reasons to love ZONE BOWLING's laser skirmish:

1. It's fun

The number one reason laser skirmish is awesome is because it's a whole load of fun, and anyone with a competitive nature will definitely be in their element. The laser lights and themed interior of the battleground creates a fantastic atmosphere. Whether you want to spice up a corporate party and get to know your workmates in a unique atmosphere or simply feel like letting off some steam - this is the perfect way to unwind.

2. It's easy

If you're worried about not being able to play, you'll enjoy the second reason to love laser skirmish - it's really easy! Anyone can play, so if you're holding a party for kids and have adults who would love to join in or younger siblings keen to get in on the action, laser skirmish is a great choice of activity.

3. It's active

One bonus of laser skirmish is that there's no doubt it will get you working up a sweat! If you have even the tiniest competitive streak, you'll find yourself running, hiding and sprinting to escape and stalk down your opponents - making it awesome for those looking to get active.

4. It's a challenge

Although it's easy to play the game, it's not quite as easy to win. This is where the excitement comes in - challenge yourself to get better and become a laser skirmish champion!

Currently, 16 of our centres offer this charged and exciting game, so there's a high chance there's an ZONE BOWLING alley near you. Why not mix up your usual game of bowling with a spin in the laser skirmish battleground?