3 superhero moves to bust out at Laser Skirmish


When they aren't busy saving the world or wearing their underpants inside out, superheroes are champions of fun. They swoosh and fly and jump and race, offering us a vast repertoire of action moves to copy in our next adventure at Laser Skirmish. 

Every evening from Monday to Thursday, ZONE BOWLING offers Laser Power Play so that all you secret heroes can unleash your inner power with unlimited games for only $14.90pp. Come on, we know your heart is racing already... the blanket of darkness falls upon you, your mask is on like a second skin, the bright glow of the lasers is tempting you to dart through a maze of dazzling light. 

Are your spidey senses itching to get out and get your laser on? Well fear not, because here are some sensational superhero moves you can bust out during your next visit to the ZONE BOWLING Laser Skirmish battle ground.

The Thor hammer slam

Those who are brave and valiant enough to hold Thor's hammer will be rewarded with strength and the ability to generate lightning. Now, all of this is cool, but it's that action-packed moment when he slams the hammer on the ground that get's everyone pumping. Climb up onto one of our many high vantage points, and watch your opposing team scurry below. Jump down and aim your laser like a hammer to tag them with a slam! 

The Cat Woman crawl

Being loud and brash is fun, but ninja warriors know it's the slow, steady, sneaky game can be just as effective. Sleuth around and hide in the many dark corners of Laser Skirmish, then crawl like a cat to surprise attack your opponents with the burst of a laser. Just make sure you don't end up chasing the light around in circles like a kitty!

The Flash dash 

Speed and agility go a long way in laser skirmish. Sprint down the corridors and laser tag everyone in sight, like a flash of lightning! The lights bouncing off from your epic laser run will make you look even faster. 

Put your cape to rest and head on over to ZONE BOWLING this week!