Top 3 Plans for Laser Tag | ZONE BOWLING


While laser skirmish might be great fun, that certainly doesn't mean that things don't get competitive on the battlefield. In fact, the added thrill of competing against your friends and family might just add a bit of very real passion to the proceedings. After all, nobody wants to score less points than their kids - it's simply a matter of pride!

So then, how you can you make sure you dominate the arena next time you head down to your local ZONE BOWLING for a round of laser skirmish? Well, the best way to gain a competitive edge is to come up with a proactive battle plan that will get you maximum shots on your enemies, without leaving yourself exposed. Here are three potential tactics to help you form the perfect plan of attack. 

1. The punishing pincer

This one is an absolute classic, having been employed in battles real and pretend for thousands of years. The pincer is simple - all you have to do is split your team into two groups and approach your target from opposite angles. If executed properly, your opponents will be caught smack dab in the middle of a storm of laser fire, leaving them with nowhere to turn and nowhere to hide.

You will need to be careful though. As the pincer involves splitting your team in two, communication is key. If you fail to keep in touch, you may just find that the other team get to you before you reach them, and you won't have enough people to resist a full-frontal assault. 

2. The stealthy sniper

The stealthy sniper isn't what we'd call the most 'admirable' approach, but it's one that certainly works, even if your friends will criticise it afterwards. Essentially, you'll need to find a secluded spot, preferably high up, where you can shoot downwards at the competition without them seeing where you are. 

The downside of this tactic is that everybody hates the stealthy sniper, so you may well find a rampaging band of angry children descending on your position and leaving you between a rock and a hard place. 

3. The deadly defence

This one's the opposite of the pincer, and it relies on a single key attribute - patience. What you'll need to do is find the safest and most defensible location in the entire area, and camp out there with your whole team. You'll have to keep guards posted, and stay alert at all times, but if well executed, the deadly defence can result in a high points yield with almost no hits taken by your team. 

These are just three examples of great laser skirmish tactics. You'll have to try out your own next time you head down to your local ZONE BOWLING.