Your Christmas Party at ZONE BOWLING


It’s that time of the year again, the time of year when you are starting to plan for the perfect Summer getaway, who is going to be hosting Christmas lunch and what presents you will need to buy for all those relatives. But alas, there is one decision you can relax about, because if you book your Christmas Party at ZONE BOWLING then you will have the perfect entertainment destination locked in without a worry!

Don’t believe us? Well let’s have a look at what your team could be missing out on if you don’t book your team building party with us!

A Couple of Tunes

First things first, music. Music means fun, entertainment and excitement, because let’s face it the office space is never the right space to hold a work function. The place where your team spends most of their working day and has to meet deadlines isn’t the spot to groove out to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. So let ZONE BOWLING handle the tunes with a custom Nightlife playlist, so your team can request their top tunes.

Something Great to Eat

Secondly, a work Christmas party is set to fail if your idea of catering is a selection of pre-packaged cold meats and imported cheese on some bland biccies. Leave your culinary skill set at your desk and let our team at ZONE BOWLING whip up something from our Group and Corporate menu that will not only have the team talking, but will also give you a bit of credit at your chef selections. We’ve got canapes for 10 or finger food for fifty, such as our Grilled Haloumi, mushroom & chimichurri sliders, mac & cheese croquettes or our crispy prawn gyoza!

Time to Bowl it Off

To round out your work Christmas Party, you will need to make sure you have the team building activities that won’t leave your crew bored and un-engaged on a Friday afternoon. So time to forget a game of charades or an awkward game of Twister and lock in a real challenge with Bowling, Laser Tag & Arcades at your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue. Because the moment you see everyone’s face light up when they bowl a strike is priceless. 

Now if we haven’t quite made up your mind around locking in a Christmas Party at ZONE BOWLING, then why not get in contact with one of our event specialists who will be more than happy to whip up a custom package for you and your team and if you book sooner rather than later, there may even be a special bar tab offer to sweeten that end of year deal!