Xmas party ideas that are better than last years


The work Christmas Party is an important event. It's where you can gather employees to celebrate their achievements, sneak in some team building games and let staff and management mingle without the barriers of authority stopping good old fashioned fun! 

However, you don't want to get in the situation that popular business blogger MeetingBoy found was common when he polled his over 130,000 readers. He found that most people believe they spend enough time at work already, and don't want to give up their own time as well. 

So how do you make the work do fun? Try these awesome party themes. 

Murder mystery parties involve one person being mysteriously 'killed', and the guests trying to solve the case.

Favourite Christmas movies

Everyone has an Xmas movie they are fond of (whether they admit it or not!). If you can encourage staff to dress up as their favourite character, you'll get all kinds of crazy costumes turning up! Will Tim Allen and Jack Skellington hit it off, or will the bad guys from 'Home Alone' and the murderer from 'Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2' (extra points if someone comes as a character from this obscure cult film) be mortal bowling enemies? 

Who kidnapped Santa Claus?

Mystery parties are a lot of fun. These involve one person being mysteriously 'kidnapped', and the guests trying to solve the case (or their other objectives, should they have any). For a Christmas Party idea, why not encourage your workers to figure out who kidnapped Santa Claus himself? You can set up your ZONE BOWLING function room with hidden evidence, and give each of your staff members their own secret information. If everything goes well, they'll likely be talking about the case for weeks to come and it will be renowned as one of the best Xmas Party Ideas! 

North Pole masquerade

Masquerade balls date all the way back to the 16th century Italian Renaissance, when these colourful events were a part of the public social calendar, especially at the famous Venice Carnival. There are many different shapes and styles to the masks, which means there is a huge variety of options to choose from for your work bowling party.

Our chefs at ZONE BOWLING can whip up tasty food or drink options and help you decorate the venue, so all you need to do is send out the invite and buy a few extra masks for anyone who forgets theirs. Why not host a mask-making tutorial or two in the days leading up to your party, to help build excitement? Give out prizes for best dressed or best mask and you'll incentivise staff to turn up even more.

Make sure you get in contact with one of our event specialits today, so they can make sure you lock in the best Work Christmas Party for your team at your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue!