Work Parties, Choose your own adventure!

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The road to the perfect office party is long, with many a winding, treacherous turn... But fear not, party planners: ZONE BOWLING has your back.

Mid-year madness is upon is: time for all office party planners to freak out. What will it be?

  1. A) Cold pizza, warm drinks, lame speeches, forced smiles with a side of mopping the floor and clearing the dishes after
  2. B) Delicious food, awesome music, seriously fun bowling and adrenaline-pumping laser tag, and zero mops in sight!

Our suggestion? Pick B. ZONE BOWLING'S range of group and corporate packages make it easy to go down as the most legendary party planner your company has ever had. We take care of all the details, so that you can sit back and bask in the glory of a party well done.

Work Party 101

Ah, Work Parties. Roaring success or cautionary tale: they could go either way, really. But mid-year is coming, and you're going to need to blow off some steam. Whether your office is celebrating Christmas in July, navigating a stressful End of Financial Year or simply want to get a head start on the end-of-year party madness, we can help you avoid the B-grade Horror of a bad office party. Here's how...

Grub's up

Want to avoid a hangry mob? Feed them. Keep the food fresh, tasty, simple and easy to eat. Yeah, you could try filling martini glasses with saucy spaghetti bolognaise in the name of being trendy, but that's just an embarrassing story waiting to happen.

Also make sure that there's enough food for everyone. You don't want to go down in legend as the office party where the food ran out before all the tables reached the buffet. Or the one where cold, congealed sausage sizzle and stale beer were the only options. Avoid the shame of running into your colleagues in Maccas after the party is over: Pick a pre-planned menu made up of tried-and-tested favourites that everybody loves.

Oiling the wheels

Food brings us to another important part of any office party: the drinks. It's great when people are smiling, talking and gently buzzing, but not so great when the disgruntled IT guy squares off with his macho manager - and not for a friendly dance-off. Help by setting up a limited bar tab, banning any homemade "it's only apples" punch and keeping an eye on the wobble-to-floor ratio. Your colleagues' dignity will thank you in the morning.

Hey, Mr DJ...

Imagine the pain of these two unfortunate souls: "We went to a German restaurant that only played Oompah music." "The MD loved Simon and Garfunkel. It got played. On repeat."

Music is almost as important as food when it comes to a good party, but probably much harder to figure out. Best stick to a pre-picked list of favourites that won't bore your socks off, drive you to the nearest pole or encourage the CEO to let his inner Jagger out. He got moves? No. And keep the decibels down to a "I can actually hear you!" level - sometimes colleagues want to chat in between celebrating their impressive bowling scores.

Low on lame, high on fun

No forced karaoke. No truth or dare. No dodging the office creep lurking under fake mistletoe all night. No pulling anonymous, embarrassing stories out of a hat, reading them out loud and getting your colleagues to guess who. (Yes, all of these are true stories.)

The perfect office party is a low-pressure, relaxed evening where colleagues can bond and reconnect with their fun-starved inner kid. Give them options to play with activities like bowling, laser tag and even arcade games.

Got beef? Bowl it off

Challenging your office nemesis to a Rocky showdown in the parking lot is all fun and games until the cops show up... It also gets rather cringeworthy when someone loses their job.

End long-running feuds: get frenemy colleagues to challenge each other to a harmless, healthy game of bowling. Or maybe a "may the best woman win!" round of laser tag.

Avoid a party planning meltdown

Office party planners don't get enough credit for staying sane in the face of all the decisions they have to make. That's why ZONE BOWLING helps you to keep your cool by keeping things simple. Our group and corporate packages offer great food, a xx bar tab per person and guaranteed, no-pressure fun. No worries about decorating before, and no clean-up after. Best of all: they're great value, (Important to keep the Head of Finance happy!) Find our packages here.