Why selfies could be beneficial for your next corporate function


While they have traditionally been touted as emblems of the narcissistic and self-involved, the selfie, as any self-respecting SnapChatter knows, is actually an art form. The right pout combined with solid lighting and an exceptional camera angle can turn a metaphorical Magikarp into a Gyarados.

But, in the immortal words of Uncle Ben from Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility. At your next ZONE BOWLING work function, utilise this photography style to encourage unity and a sense of community amongst your staff. 

Selfies are good for office morale

A group selfie has the power to ignite camaraderie and squad envy like nothing else - just look at the photo Ellen DeGeneres took with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey and a bunch of other celebrities at last year's Oscars!

Indeed, researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University analysed a series of group photos and, unsurprisingly found that peoples' positioning determined their relationships with others in the photo, as well as the social atmosphere of the situation. Think back to your last school photo (if the memory isn't too traumatic). Rows of uncomfortable students forcing smiles in itchy uniforms - it was hardly a picture of fun now, was it? 

A joint study from the University of Pennsylvania and George Mason University shows that employees who like each other work harder.

Selfies, on the other hand, are inherently silly. Unlike an organised team photo, a group selfie says that its subjects are having fun and are comfortable with each other. And, as a joint study from the University of Pennsylvania and George Mason University published in Administrative Science Quarterly shows, employees that like each other tend to work harder. Take note and encourage staff to take as many selfies as they can at the upcoming Christmas party!

Selfie poses

Snapping these poses at your next work function is bound to create some memories and get your whole office in the party mood.

  1. The double (or triple) chin: Huddle up with your office crew and make your chin disappear into your neck. Take the photo from a very low angle. Who says a good selfie has to look pretty?
  2. The Kardashian: You'll need a mirror and 19 of your closest friends (or, you know, just Ross and Barb from human resources). Imagine that you're lounging in a bathtub full of money, then take the photo. Strictly no smiling - you don't want wrinkles after all.
  3. #squadgoals: As the night progresses, the entire office should take at least one photo together. Have everyone pose with a bowling ball or Laser Tag phaser. Since this will probably be a pretty large group photo, it's a good idea to take it from as high an angle as you can manage. Unless you've got an extraordinarily long arm, we suggest a selfie stick.
  4. The duck face: You're doing it ironically ... right?