Why is a bowling party healthier than your usual party?


When it comes to children's birthday parties, there are a few things that always stay the same. From the goodie bags to the party food and an extravagant cake, most kids parties have a few things in common despite perhaps having a different theme.

However, thinking outside the square can at least make sure your kid's birthday party isn't all about sugar and sitting down to watch a movie.

The ZONE BOWLING alley is the perfect location to hold your celebratory gathering, and it can be a healthier option than the norm. Here's why:

It gets kids active

Sitting in a circle playing pass-the-parcel doesn't involve a lot of physical activity, and we all know getting active is essential for a healthy body. Kids are energetic creatures, and anything that gets the heart rate up is bound to be good for them. 

Bowling is a form of anaerobic activity, and has plenty of physical health benefits. According to the Defeat Diabetes Foundation, bowling can improve flexibility, increase heart and respiratory function and fitness, strengthen muscles and burn calories.

Not to mention, a fast-paced game of bowling or laser skirmish will tire them out enough for an early bedtime, leaving parents to relax after the party in peace! 

It involves everyone

Even if your child has taken the time to invite everyone from their class at school, there are often kids who end up feeling a little left out at birthday parties. The effects of this can be damaging to self esteem, and emotional and even physical health, according to the Australian National Centre Against Bullying.

Bowling is an activity that ensures all kids get involved in the fun. By sorting out teams, everyone will have their own place to feel included - plus, the rules of bowling means that everyone gets to have their go. There's no room for exclusion in a game of bowling, and it could even help kids develop new friendships.