Why host a regular work party?


It's pretty common for Australian workplaces to host their own work party or get-together as the holiday season rolls in. However, here at ZONE we think that the classic work party shouldn't be reserved for the compulsory end-of-season work do - so why not make it a regular occurrence?

There are plenty of reasons why hosting a regular work party is a good idea, and a ZONE BOWLING alley is the perfect venue.

Here are four reasons why you should host a regular office work party at the bowling alley:

1. Boost office morale

You may not think hosting an informal get-together has anything to do with office morale, but a survey conducted by United States event planning company Bizbash and online food ordering company Seamless found otherwise. When US workers were asked if they felt a holiday party is important to office morale and company success, 72.5 per cent responded yes, with a further 21.5 per cent responding that they felt it somewhat important.

Not only that, but the survey showed that office workers who had experienced a cancelled party felt that it made them feel disconnected to each other and reduced creativity in the office.

2. Meet new team members

Many offices have several different departments that may not interact with each other much during work hours. A work party offers the benefit of mingling with all the members of your office, regardless of department. Who knows, you could 'strike' up some new friendships while you're bowling!

3. Relax and unwind

By the end of the work week, everyone's looking forward to a little downtime. Ease any work tension and stress from the previous few days by getting together in a relaxed and fun environment, and feel the worries melt away.

4. Something to look forward to

For some workers, having something to look forward to at the end of the week or month could give a goal to work towards, and thus enable them to be more productive at work.

The verdict is in. Having work parties has positive benefits. ZONE Bowling is the perfect venue option - think of it as your reward for the week!