Why an EOFY party is perfect for cross-departmental relations

For a business to be a success, it needs its best people working in departments where their skills can be fully utilised. For all the benefits of these silos, grouping employees together can create divisions and not be the best way for everyone to get to know each other, whether your business is big or small However, cohesion is key - highlighting the value of social events such as end of financial year parties are key times when you can get your team together and ensure that everyone is having fun and building better relationships for the future. Here are three benefits of including all departments in your next EOFY gathering. 

1) Addressing everyone at same time 

Compared to other social events, the end of the financial year is something that can impact all corners of the business. This means that certain departments that usually skip over social occasions might be more likely to attend. As a result, an EOFY function is a great opportunity for senior management to address and engage with all employees. Perhaps set up some awards for top quarter performers or a trophy for the best tenpin bowler or congratulate everyone on completing the year. Make sure you've accessed our bar deal so you can all toast the year ahead and enjoy from our delicious food offering. 

2) Mix and mingle 

It's pretty easy for people to avoid other departments, especially when the only thing in common is where they work. Of course, one of the benefits of a EOFY party at ZONE BOWLING is that these people can meet and mingle over a fun game of laser tag or in the arcade. Away from the stresses of the office, these 'strangers' can find common ground in what they do and gain perspective on the business as whole, whether it be side by side battling it out in the Laser Arena, or taking on a 4 player race on Daytona in the Arcade.

3) Set up departmental bowling teams

To further promote engagement between departments, pit bowling teams against each other. As well as providing a little bit of healthy rivalry, it can boost collaboration, communication and support between areas that don't usually mix. A great example would be accounts versus sales. These two departments play important roles within a business, but their tasks are focussed in different directions. At the EOFY party, the only key direction is straight down the lane - with the aim to knock the most pins!

At the end of the night, departments might not be best friends with each other, but they'll have a renewed respect and appreciation for those all working towards the same business goal! 

Book your EOFY party today at ZONE BOWLING! With bowling, laser tag, arcade and our delicious packages, ZONE BOWLING has you covered for all your party needs!