Treat your team to an EOFY celebration at ZONE BOWLING


What does June 30 mean to you? To most of us, Saturday June 30 will probably be like any other day - work, school and traffic.

However, for business leaders and their financial teams, June 30 is the final day of the Australian Financial Year. It's the last opportunity to get everything tax-related in order. Of course, with any deadline comes a degree of stress as various calculations and reports are formulated.

The end of the financial year is a little bit like New Year's Eve - a time of 'in with the new and out with the old'. As such, what do you have planned for this year's end of financial year? If the answer is nothing, do we have a deal for you!

Unwind with some bowling

Even if you have the most talented and focused accounting team, it's worth allowing them to have some fun and relax after a tough couple of months. We reckon one of the best ways to unwind is by bowling a few strikes on the lanes - you couldn't be further from spreadsheets and taxation forms!

Together, your team can try their hand at bowling as many strikes as possible (or gutter balls) - we're not here to judge! Laugh together at Dave's misfortune and then rejoice as Emily bowls her first strike ever. Bowling is a known stress reliever so your team can have a few laughs and enjoy each other's company away from work. This is great for morale and social interaction, perhaps even improving performances moving into the new financial year!

Connecting senior management and employees

A business is like a machine - all parts, no matter how small, have to work together for it to work. However, around the end of the financial year, some parts are made to work much harder than others which can cause friction and resentment.

That's why business leaders need to take time out and say thanks to their team for another great performance. At ZONE BOWLING, you're able to put on some food and drinks and really give your employees something to remember.

Prepare a speech, make a toast and blur the boundaries between senior management and employee level. As we love saying, the bowling alley is the great leveller - you can take stock of the achievements over the past 12 months and together look towards the future.

Don't let the stress of the financial year get your team down, cheer them up with some fun at ZONE BOWLING! 

Book your EOFY party today at ZONE BOWLING! With bowling, laser tag, arcade and our delicious packages, ZONE BOWLING has you covered for all your party needs!