Top 3 ice breakers for your corporate party


What is the most excruciating part of any work party?

Watching your boss trying to sing karaoke, perhaps? But those dreaded ice breakers can make you cringe just as much!

Icebreakers are often frowned upon as doing nothing to defuse the awkwardness of work functions, but done right, they can certainly be effective.

Breaking the ice is a crucial process for removing the tension and breaking down barriers between work colleagues in an out-of-office environment, especially for a group of people who have met each other properly before.

What are some tried and tested ice breakers you can use to get the party started at your next corporate event at ZONE BOWLING?

True or False

This is a simple, fun way for your staff to get to know each other better.

Arrange your party into small groups, and get one person at a time to make three statements about themselves to the rest of their group.

The catch is that one of the statements is false - and the others have to guess which one it is.

The Human Knot

This one requires a bit more physical activity, so it's a great game to get your staff limbered up for a round of team bowling!

In small groups, get your staff to stand in a circle facing inwards, and put all their hands in the middle.

Each hand must grab another person's hand - make sure each person is holding onto two different people - and get them to unravel themselves without letting go.


Another great activity to get your staff to learn a bit more about each other.

Provide each employee with a list of about ten statements that have a yes or no answer, such as "I've visited a country in every continent" or "I've achieved a score of 300 in tenpin bowling."

Everyone has to go around the room and find at least one person that fits each statement!