Throw a throwback party A 1950s themed corporate bash


Everyone loves an excuse to dress up, and with the latest 'throwback' trends, people are loving all things vintage.

One of the best ways to reward colleagues for their hard work is to organise a corporate party, but often these shindigs end up being the same old after-work drinks at the local pub. Why not make the most of the current throwback trends and throw a 1950s-themed dress up party?

From pin-up to pins 

Bowling was the iconic sport during the 1950s and 1960s. While it was mostly popular in the United States, no decade party from this time in history is complete without incorporating bowling. There is no better way to feel like you have stepped back in time, wearing your lovely pinstripe suits and fifties style flouncy skirts, than to party at a bowling alley à la 1950s style. 

Strike off work with strikes 

There is something magical about taking office jokes away from the water cooler and onto a bowling lane. Revel in the laughter and company of your colleagues all dressed to the nines in 1950s costumes. A good way to advertise your business would be to chant your company slogans with true sports fan passion every time someone hits a strike! You can also make it interesting by asking different teams from each department bowl against each other as a good team building exercise.

Talk the walk

You can ask staff to come prepared with typical 1950s phrases to use as you mingle to really feel like you're in a time portal. Here are some to get rolling off your tongue and onto the lanes: 

1. "Ain't that a bite?" = That's too bad. Use this with glee every time a ball ends up in the gutter. 

2. "Are you writing a book?" = You're asking too many questions. Perfect to keep the work chat to a minimum and just enjoy the game!

3. "Big tickle" = Really funny. This should be a regular as you laugh and bowl the night away!

We look forward to hosting your next corporate event