The ultimate guide to a spooktacular Halloween bowling party



Did you get scared? If you did you better start locking those doors and barring the windows because that spooky time of year is nearly upon us. Halloween is fast-approaching, bringing with it costumes, treats and parties! This year, make your annual Halloween work party a unique, fun and hilarious experience with this guide to Halloween bowling at ZONE BOWLING!

Dress to confess

Halloween and costumes go together like pumpkins and creepy faces. Set a party dress theme this year to inspire those fuddy-duddy colleagues of yours to actually try. How about the theme, 'Splitting Headache', where every costume has to involve some kind of head wound? Finally Sandra from accounts can utilise those special effects makeup skills she brags about! 

Alternately, you could revisit Halloween's creepy Celtic roots and go for a 'Samlane' theme - everyone dresses as a Celtic warrior/Halloween theme. Zombies in kilts, people! Zombies in kilts.

Trick or treat! ... but mostly trick

If you're organising the party yourself then make sure you leave room for frightening pranks, spooky scares and terrifying tricks! For children's parties you might want to leave it at ghouls, ghosts and the Frankenstein monster trying to sneak up on the kids, but if you're organising an adult event then oh boy, can you have some fun.

If you've booked a private function, hire an actor to come in and start stirring up trouble. Maybe somebody walks in wielding a chainsaw and a mask, screaming at the top of their lungs and chasing your delegates? Or do you have a creepy zombie ghost behind the pins who keeps messing with the game? If it's something that should be in a horror movie, it's something you should try to get into your bowling party. 

So this year make ZONE BOWLING ground zero for your Halloween party and give your guests an event they'll always remember ... in their nightmares! 

Got more ideas for a bowling Halloween party? Let us know in the comments below.